Dragon City Hack Tool V.5.5

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Dragon City is a facebook game developed by Social Point. You collect and raise and breed different kinds of dragons to get another type. The rarer the dragon the better it is. You need tons of luck to obtain those rare dragons. There are also PVP system in which you enter a tournament and battles different player on your level.

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simple and easy Dragon City Hacker. Allows you to obtain unlimited free resources such as Gems, Gold, Food and various other features to dominate your opponent. Dragon City Hackz is completely automated using the latest complex MD5 query hack.
Latest Version Dragon City Hacks V 5.5

Dragon City Hack Tool V5.5  Features:

  • Generate Unlimited Gold
  • Generate Unlimited Food
  • Generate Unlimited Gem
  • Multi browser Compatibility
  • 100% Safe and Undetectable
  • Abuse Protection
  • Noob Friendly


The hack tool allows you to select a wide variety of options, even more options than the game provides you with!

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Our Users Testimonial


Manuchar Mugvliani

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Luis Campos
This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thrashing my competition like mad! After trying so many fake and dead Dragon City Hackerz,Finnaly real stuff here !!!


Ckece Thea
 “Hi! thanks for this sahre, awesome tool, the first tool that i found works !!.”